Becky Wham Voice Overs

“Becky’s voice over work is excellent! She’s easy to work with and always turns out a top-notch product. Becky helps make our projects even better!” -Dan Presser, Tweedee Productions

“This was my first time working with Becky and I found the experience enjoyable, professional and she takes direction VERY well!  We’ll have her back!” –Rob Haggar, Haggar Audio

“Becky has a wide range of vocal talent and can interpret scripts impeccably. Her comforting voice fits perfectly as the trusting female role model. She makes working with her fun and easy.” – Stephen Schoonover, Wonder Wonder Sound

“Whether playing a concerned mom or a snarky girlfriend, Becky Wham delivers with infectious energy.” –Dave Redemann, Commercial Producer & Voice Over Nation Instructor

“I highly recommend Becky for just about any commercial or narration job.  She is easy to work with, takes direction well and has a friendly voice that drips like honey.” –Terry Daniel, Voice Actor, Producer & Coach